The Society’s background

On the 18th April 1979, Dr Majeed Khadaroo – O.S.K and a few orchid lovers organized a private orchid exhibition at the Continental Hotel in Curepipe. The enthusiasm that resulted led to the creation of the Orchid Society of Mauritius in 1980. It was announced in the first Society’s bulletin in September 1980.

The first Executive Committee was as follows :

President : Dr. Majeed Khadaroo – O.S.K Vice-President : Dr. France Staub
Secretar y : Ms. Axelle Lamusse Asst. Secretary : Mrs. Chantal Leclézio
Treasurer : Mr.Mustan Currimjee Asst. Treasurer : Mr. Beekram Jhowry



The Orchid Society of Mauritius was officially registered with the Registrar of Associations on the 21st August 1981. The first public exhibition was held in September 1981.

The Society was affiliated to the American Orchid Society on the 11th March 1983 and signed a ‘Twin Protocol’ with the Orchidophiles Réunis de la Belgique, on the 4th November 1987.

In September 1986, at the request of the Orchid Society, the Mauritius Postal Authorities issued a series of 4 stamps depicting indegenous orchids.

Over the years several world-renown orchid specialists have visited the Society and delivered lectures. A noteworthy event was the participation of Mr. Marcel Lecoufle in our public orchid show in 1985.