The Society’s goal

The objects of the Society shall be the following :

  1. To promote, advance, develop and foster the culture, propagation, hybridisation, growing of orchids of all general and kind and  the improvement of the quality and standard thereof, in all its branches.
  2. To arrange and conduct competitions and public or private exhibitions of orchids and to set from time to time the rules accepted for exhibition and to grant  appropriate prizes, awards and certificates in connection therewith.
  3. To print and publish any newspaper, pamphlet, newsletter, books, journals, magazines or leaflets that the society may think desirable for the promotion and furtherance of any of its  objects.
  4. To raise money in such manner as the Society shall think fit for the purpose of furthering all or any of the objects and aims of the Society.
  5. To send a delegate or delegates to such conference or conferences and / or exhibition that the committee considers to be in the interest of the Society and at which the committee considers the Society should be represented.