Growing Tips

The three major key elements that anyone who want to grow orchids should learn before starting are :

  1. Know the basic requirements of the main general.
  2. Check out the conditions prevailing at the proposed growing location.
  3. Choose plants that will grow well in these conditions.

Other important aspects

  1. Most orchids require some shading. The degree of shading will depend on the orchid requirement and also on the daylight conditions in the growing area.
  2. Air movement within the growing area is important for gaseous exchange (O2, CO2) and also to regulate humidity status in the growing area.
  3. The potting media used should take into consideration the growing habit of the plant cultivated.
  4. Growing conditions in a shade house necessitate regular supply of nutritive elements.
  5. Plants wherever they grow are subject to pests and disease problems.  Regular inspection are a must. Good cultural practices should minimize occurrences.

For further information on specific subjects you may contact the secretariat of the Orchid Society. You may eventually find it useful to join the Society.